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About me: I am an IT professional with over 20 years professional experience in IT. My primary interests are focused in computer networking and network security, but I also have experience in different areas of hardware, software, programming, databases, computer-based security systems and many others.

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Dept of Computer Systems and TechnologiesTechnical University of Gabrovo, Dept. of Computer Systems and Technologies


Cisco Systems (Cisco ID: CSCO10549481)

CCNP Cisco Certified Networking Professional, Certificate Number 414410287377FKDM, Certified Since 07 Oct. 2005, Validity: October 2016
CCNA R&S Cisco Certified Networking Associated Routing and Switching, Certificate Number 412511954103BKCI, Certified Since 20 Oct. 2002, Validity: October 2016
CCNA Security Cisco Certified Networking Associated Security, Certificate Number 415660065362EOUH, Certified Since 22 Oct. 2013, Validity: October 2016
Cisco Networking Academy Instructor Trainer, Since 04.02.2012
Certified Cisco Systems Instructor, Since 20.02.2004
Cisco Certified Academy Instructor, Since 20 Oct. 2002


VCA-DCV VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization, Authentication Code: 12698229-9A95-7470D71BB157, Certified Since 26.12.2013
VCA-Cloud VMware Certified Associate - Cloud, Authentication Code: 12697740-B730-758D7A8306B2, Certified Since 27.12.2013
VCA-WM VMware Certified Associate - Workforce Mobility, Authentication Code: 12698229-9A95-7470D71BB157, Certified Since 28.12.2013


Microsoft Certified Educator
Microsoft Technology Associate: Network Fundamentals
Microsoft Technology Associate: Database Fundamentals
Microsoft Technology Associate: Security Fundamentals
Microsoft Technology Associate: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
Microsoft Technology Associate: Windows Operating System Fundamentals


CPTE Certified Penetration Test Engineer, Certificate Number 267500, Certified Since 05 Dec. 2014
Polycom - IP Data Networking for Audio/Video Environments, Certified Since Nov 2007, Validity: Jan 2014
CobIT Foundation, Certified Since Apr 2008
INFOSEC Information Systems Security Professional – 4011 Standard, Certified Since 22 Oct. 2013
CompTIA Cloud Essentials, Certified Since 29 Oct. 2015
ISO 19011:2011 – Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems
ISO/IEC 27001:2007 – Information technology -- Security techniques -- Information security management systems -- Requirements
ISO/IEC 20000-1:2008 – Information technology -- Service management -- Part 1: Service management system requirements
NATO Secret Security Clearance certificate IELTS result 7.0 (EU CEFR C1)



2005 - 2010 PhD in Computer systems, complexes and networks
Technical University of Gabrovo
Thesis title: Modelling and Analysis of Time Losses from Fragmentation and Reassembly in Internet IPv4 Protocol Stack

1990 - 1995 Master degree in Computer engineering, specialization in Computer systems and Networks
Technical University of Gabrovo


SUN Fundamentals of UNIX
Hewlett Packard IT Essentials I - Hardware and Software
Hewlett Packard IT Essentials II - Networking Operation Systems
Cisco CCNA Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Businesses
Cisco CCNA Discovery: Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP
Cisco CCNA Discovery: Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise
Cisco CCNA Discovery: Designing and Supporting Computer Networks
Cisco CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals
Cisco CCNA Exploration: LAN Switching and Wireless
Cisco CCNA Exploration: Accessing the WAN
Cisco CCNP ROUTE: Implementing IP Routing
Cisco CCNP SWITCH: Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
Cisco CCNP TSHOOT: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks

Passed exams

Cisco 642-661 BGP - Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers
Cisco 642-611 MPLS - Implementing Cisco MPLS
Cisco 640-554 IINS - Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security
Cisco 642-902 ROUTE - Implementing Cisco IP Routing
Cisco 642-821 BCRAN - Building Cisco Remote Access Networks
Cisco 642-811 BCMSN - Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks
Cisco 642-831 CIT - Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting
Cisco 640-901 BCSI - Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks

Selected publications (Most of them are downloadable from the CST department site)

D. Genkov, "Software System for Configuration Management of Networking Devices", IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume: 03 Special Issue: 17, Dec-2014, pp. 46 – 50.
D. Genkov, "Virtual Laboratory for Cisco Networking Academy Program", in proceedings of E-Learning’14 International Conference on E-learning, 12.09.2014, University of La Laguna, Spain, pp. 152 – 157.
D. Genkov, V. Kesova "Building an e-learning system in Technical university of Gabrovo, Bulgaria", In Proceedings of EDULEARN 14 Conference, 07 – 09 July 2014, Barcelona, Spain, 2014, ISBN 978-84-617-0557-3, pp. 619 – 626.
D. Genkov, "Monitoring Software for IP based Video Surveillance System", 15-th International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies, ACM 978-1-4503-2753-4, Ruse, Bulgaria, June 27, 2014, pp. 79 - 85.
D. Genkov, "Implementing Port Security Feature Using SNMP Protocol", Computer Systems and Technologies, CompSysTech '13, Ruse, Bulgaria, June 28-29, 2013. ACM 2013 ISBN 978-1-4503-2021-4, pp. 38 – 45.
D. Genkov, "An Approach for Finding Proper Packet Size in IPv6 Networks", In Proceedings of CompSysTech 2011, Vienna, Austria, June 16-17, 2011. ACM 2011 ISBN 978-1-4503-0917-2, pp. 442 – 447.
D. Genkov, "Using Network Monitoring Application for Detection of Anomalies in Surveillance Video", In Proceedings of 19th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR), Belgrade, Serbia, November, 22-24, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-4577-1498-6, pp. 1527 – 1529.
D. Genkov, "An Algorithm and Software for Finding Proper Packet Size in an IPv6 Network Using Double Connection", In Proceedings of 19th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR), Belgrade, Serbia, November, 22-24, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-4577-1498-6, pp. 1523 – 1526.
D. Genkov, "Internet Protocol Version 6 – Benefits, Co-existence Mechanisms and Strategies for Migration", in „Science Days 2011“, Veliko Tarnovo, 2011, pp. 384 – 390.
D. Genkov, "The impact of fragmentation over streaming video traffic", In Proceedings of CompSysTech 2008, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 12-13 June, 2008, ISBN 978-954-9641-52-3, pp. II.14-1 – II.14-6.
D. Genkov, "Algorithm and Testing Software for Avoiding Fragmentation at the Application Layer", In Proceedings of CompSysTech 2008, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 12-13 June, 2008, ISBN 978-954-9641-52-3, pp. II.15-1 – II.15-5.
D. Genkov, "Computer Networks Basics - Study book for students (in Bulgarian)" (Основи на компютърните мрежи), ISBN 978-619-7071, Mediatech, 2014

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